What is a CSA ?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In a CSA, individuals and families become members of a farm and share in the support of that farm in exchange for fresh, seasonal, locally-produced food--hence the portion of produce members receive is often referred to as a "Full Share" or a "Half Share"

Members benefit by their access to farm fresh food that is normally harvested a day or two before it is given to members. As a direct supporter of a farm and its farmers, members usually experience a heightened sense of social and economic involvement by coming together to invest in the growth of their food and their community farm.


"I wanted to send a quick note of THANKS for such a wonderful year. We are so sad to see this is the last week because we just love getting a new box EOW and finding new things to try. My first year I never used by pac choi and thought I never would, but this year I did and ended up loving it.

The same applied to beets. Now I roast them or grill them, and the whole family eats them like they were candy... even my 3 year old! ...Thank you, thank you, thank you. We missed the farm potluck this year due to prior commitments, but please pass on our appreciation to everyone over there. JOB WELL DONE!!!" --R.U.

As a member of Turtle Creek Gardens CSA, you will receive a diverse range of vegetables and fruits that are organic, high-quality, and nutrient-dense. We personally grow the majority of the food items you receive each week, using growing practices, such as composting, cover-cropping, intensive weeding, and rotation, that care for the health of the soil. Beautiful soil produces healthy plants that can better withstand harsh climatic conditions and destructive pests without harmful additives. We never use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or GMO seed, and we work hard to create habitat for beneficial insects that pollinate crop plants and prey on harmful insects. Our priority is providing you with the best food you can buy, while acting as thoughtful care-takers of the land.

Besides access to the healthiest and freshest food, Turtle Creek Gardens CSA also provides its members with weekly newsletters containing news of the farm, recipes, nutritional information, storage tips, and photos. We offer free cooking, preservation, and nutritional workshops throughout the year, and organize potlucks and family farm events. 


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