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Sunday Brunch


Glazed Strawberries & Beets


1   pint strawberries quartered

1   bunch beets top removed; chopped

1   bunch green onion chopped

8  sprigs Parsley chopped; stems removed

a handful of Arugula cut into strips

1 tbsp sea salt

2 tbsp mint

a couple of hearty dashes of Balsamic vinegar

a drizzle of olive oil

a healthy drizzle of honey


Preheat oven to 450.


Combine/fold everything well, after it has been chopped, stems removed and a healthy drizzle of vinegar, honey, and oil. Usually a small mixing bowl is sufficient but if you prefer you may want to use a medium bowl.


Cover the bowl with aluminum foil. Steam in oven for 25 minutes.  Check on your glazed mixture, remove from oven, fold contents, and return to oven for 15 minutes to allow for caramelization.


This all can be done while you are preparing your hearty omelette. Chop it, combine in a bowl, throw it in the oven and forgetta ‘bout it.

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