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Indian-style green onions + potatoes/kohlrabi--Indian (Asia) recipe

Oil for cooking             1 tsp mustard seeds

½ tsp Acefodeta (optional)

3 small potatoes or kohlrabi, cubed

1 tsp tumeric       1 tsp red chili powder

2 Tbls corriander powder

3-4 bunches green onions with all greens           chopped to ¼ inch rounds

2 tsp. gram (or all purpose) flour

water                salt to taste


1. Heat oil. Add mustard seeds and acefodeta and heat until mustard seeds crackle.

2. Add potatoes/kohlrabi and heat a few minutes to start them cooking.

3. Add dry spices (tumeric, chili powder, coriander) and heat 2-3 more minutes.

4. Add ½ cup water (or so) to help cook potatoes/kohlrabi and cook 2-5 more minutes until it is half or more cooked.

5. Add green onions, cook a few more minutes until they become soft.

6. Add flour over top and mix in.  Add a little more water for cooking to make a very slight sauce (est ½ cup).  Cook until green onions and potatoes are done.

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