Our Partner Farms

Turtle Creek Gardens is pleased to partner with several other Wisconsin farms in bringing you a wide range of superior quality local produce. Products from these farms are offered through our online farm store at FarmMatch.com for delivery during the CSA season and by special offer during the "off season". 

Many of these producers have on-farm stores you can check out if you ever happen to be in their neighborhood.


Zinniker Family Farm: 
"We are very excited to be able to have some of our animals custom grazing at Turtle Creek Gardens. Our farm is located just west of East Troy and has been focusing on producing quality over quantity since the family took on the farm in 1943, using organic and biodynamic methods long before organic was a household term. We continue to make the health of our animals and the stewardship and fertility of the land the primary focus for all our farming decisions. In 2011 the farm transitioned from being mainly a dairy farm to producing grassfed beef, pork, eggs and honey. Through our partnership with Turtle Creek we are planning on growing our herd and have all the animals that are grazing at Turtle Creek come from our own stock by 2018." 
Interested in ordering a 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef? Contact Zinnikers directly: zinnikerfarm@gmail.com

Decatur Dairy (Brodhead, WI): Cheeses

Driftless Organics (Soldiers Grove, WI): Organic sunflower oil

Honey Valley Beekeeping: all hives are placed on organic farms and are maintained without the use of pesticides within the hives. TCG's bees are healthy and thriving on the medicinal herbs we grow, such as hyssop, thyme, and oregano.

Maple Valley Cooperative (Cashton, WI): Maple syrup

River Valley Ranch and Kitchens (Burlington, WI): Organic mushrooms

Rushing Waters Fisheries, LLC (Palmyra, WI): Sustainably-farmed trout

St Brigid's Meadows (Coon Valley, WI): Pastured eggs, chickens, beef and cheeses


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