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2019 Farm Crew Positions

Turtle Creek Gardens is a certified organic diversified/regenerative farm. We grow vegetables, CBD and Industrial grain hemp, grass-fed beef and pastured hogs.

We’re looking for a highly-motivated, happy, team-oriented group of workers for our farm. Our positions include entry- to experienced-level positions, with room to learn and expand your skills in these various areas of production. We strive to create a culture of workers that reflects the farming philosophy we promote. 

Positions Include: Field Crew Member, Post Handling/Packing Crew Member, Assistant Farmer (printable description)

1. Field Crew Member 

• Transplanting, weeding, maintaining and harvesting crops.
• Plastic culture includes: laying mulch, staking tomatoes, maintaining aisles
• Spraying botanicals, biologicals as needed for pest and disease control
• High tunnel hemp and tomato establishment and maintenance
• Pruning fruit trees and berries


• Ability to lift 50#
• Be flexible with shifting work priorities as needed
• Has Grit to deal with the elements: wet, heat, mud, cold
• Experience with pushing through difficult situations, experience working on farms a plus
• Can work in a team, follow directions or problem solve as a team
• Speed

Compensation: $9-$12/hour depending on experience; Vegetables, and meat at the end of the season, periodic bonuses for effort, improvement, effective work habit, good attitude

Start and End Date: June-Aug position, June-Nov position

2. Post Harvest/Packing Member

• Washing, packing vegetables for various markets
• Quality Control
• Recording all inventory in coolers, and paper work
• Cleaning and prepping pack room according to standards
• Organizing and cleaning coolers
• Opportunity to work with other crops in the field or High Tunnels


• Ability to lift 50#
• Highly organized
• Ability to multi-task
• Attention to detail
• Communication skills and ability to transfer information to others


Compensation: $8-$10 depending on full or part time; Vegetables, and meat at the end of the season, periodic bonuses for effort, improvement, effective work habit, good attitude

Start date: June-Nov flexible with end date


3. Assistant Farmer

This position requires multiple years’ experience on vegetable operations and the ability to run equipment. Must be willing to consider a multi-year position and future opportunities for permanency in the operation.


• Field preparation for various vegetable crops and hemp including: primary and secondary tillage
• Maintenance of lanes, aisles and fences
• Cultivation
• Harvesting
• Coordinating daily and weekly priorities with farm manager and crew leaders
• Irrigation, drip, over-head and traveling gun management for crops
• Monitoring crops for weeds, harvest, disease, and insect pressure
• Light maintenance of equipment
• Direct Sowing schedule


• Ability to lift 50#
• Mechanical inclination
• Communicative
• Team player
• Ability to recognize plant health and needs of the farm
• Organizational skills
• Attentive to the care of equipment and all life on the farm

Compensation: Year-round salary commensurate with experience, ability to take time during the winter. Meat and vegetables and periodic bonuses for meeting expectations.


Please submit inquiries, letter of interest, and resume to Janet Gamble farmmanager@turtlecreekgardenscsa.com

Worker Share Program at Turtle Creek Gardens  

Turtle Creek Gardens is a certified organic mixed vegetable operation serving a CSA market, and direct markets to restaurants and stores, including an on-line farm store. We grow approximately 40 different vegetables that serve a diversified marketing strategy, as well as value-added products for our marketing channels. We also grow an assortment of fruit and berries.

The following overview is intended to provide you with an accurate picture of the expectations of the worker share program

  • Worker shares promise to provide 4 hours of work per week during the CSA’s 18-week season (approximately the end of May and through mid-October) In return, worker shares receive produce each week, including seconds and overflow from weekly harvests. The value of the vegetables  is $600.00 and will be treated as taxable wages.  Worker shares must fill out a W-4.  The worker share option is only available to full season shares and not to Every-Other-Week shares.
  • Worker shares that need time off must inform us at the beginning of the season. Time off for sickness or emergency will only be accommodated if we are informed before the work day begins. You will forfeit your produce for that week unless you make up the time later in the week. We can only accommodate one or two absences during the season.

Worker shares have the option of coming Tuesdays 8:00 a.m. to noon, Wednesdays 8:00 a.m. to noon, Thursdays 8:00 a.m. to noon, and Saturdays .  Vegetables need to be harvested despite weather conditions, so be prepared for any type of weather (e.g., rain, cold, or heat).  Please wear appropriate clothing for the elements (e.g., boots, raingear, hats, gloves (if you like), sun screen, etc.).


  • Work will include some or all of the following:  harvesting, washing and packing, weeding, and planting.  The work can be physically difficult--you must be in good physical shape and health.

We try to accommodate our worker shares with their natural abilities and skills, so if you would like to request a particular job, please do not hesitate to ask.  Some jobs include: washing and packing, field work (e.g., harvesting, weeding, planting), newsletter writer/editor (appropriate skills required), and handy person (e.g., fixing, repairing, sharpening, etc.). 

  • Worker shares are not permitted to bring any minors or other visitors with them on their work days. 
  • Worker shares must take all the appropriate safety precautions when using tools and operating equipment at the CSA location. 
  • Worker shares, for their protection and safety, shall not be permitted to enter any buildings at the CSA location or go beyond the work fields without being accompanied by or authorized by someone on Turtle Creek Gardens’ management team.
  • Turtle Creek Gardens reserves the right to terminate its relationship with a worker share at anytime and in such case, Turtle Creek Gardens shall have no further obligations or liabilities with respect to such worker share. 

We offer several special breakfast days each season for our worker shares. Plan on coming early those days if you can.  We will give you ample notice of any upcoming Breakfast.

Apply here for our Worker Share Program.
Please contact Farm Manager  Janet Gamble with any questions that are not answered above or in the Worker Share application.

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