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2020 Farm Crew Positions

Turtle Creek Gardens is a certified organic diversified/regenerative farm. We grow vegetables, CBD hemp, grass-fed beef and pastured hogs.

We’re looking for a highly-motivated, happy, team-oriented group of workers for our farm. Our positions include entry- to experienced-level positions, with room to learn and expand your skills in these various areas of production. We strive to create a culture of workers that reflects the farming philosophy we promote. 

Positions Include: Vegetable FarmerField Crew Member, Post Handling/Packing Crew Member, (Links to printable descriptions with each position)

1. Vegetable Farmer: (Permanent)

We are seeking an experienced vegetable farmer who can take full responsibility for the execution and management of our certified organic vegetable operation. Our farm has multiple enterprises and seeks to create a leadership team to run each enterprise holding a wholistic picture of the farm with all leads working together to create a synergistic farm organism. The perfect candidate will be passionate about organic vegetable farming and excited to work with a team of other high functioning experienced farmers. Read more...


2. Field Crew Member: (Seasonal)

General duties include transplanting, weeding, maintaining and harvesting crops. Must have grit to deal with the elements: wet, heat, mud, cold. Read more...


3. Post Harvest/Packing Member (Seasonal)

General duties include washing and packing vegetables for our various markets, quality control; requires good organizational skills. Read more...


 Please submit inquiries, letter of interest, and resume to Janet Gamble farmmanager@turtlecreekgardenscsa.com

Worker Share Program at Turtle Creek Gardens  

Worker shares promise to provide 4 hours of work per week during the CSA’s 18-week season (approximately early June through mid-October) In return, worker shares receive produce each week, including seconds and overflow from weekly harvests. The value of the vegetables  is treated as taxable wages.  Worker shares must fill out a W-4.

Work will include some or all of the following:  harvesting, washing and packing, weeding, and planting. The work can be physically difficult--you must be in good physical shape and health.

We try to accommodate your natural abilities and skills, so if you would like to request a particular job, please do not hesitate to ask. 

If you are interested in our Worker Share Program, please contact Farm Manager  Janet Gamble.

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