Education and Eateries

Organizations: Education, Sustainability, & Activism

Angelic Organics Learning Center, (Caledonia, IL)
Workshops, retreats and education about food, farming, and caring for the earth.

Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association fosters knowledge of the practices and principles of the biodynamic method of agriculture, horticulture, and forestry in North America through research, lectures, conferences; publishing and distributing literature; and supporting consultation and extension services to farmers, gardeners, and foresters.

The Edible Schoolyard Project: Founded by Alice Waters, working to make gardening and cooking part of the school curriculum for all ages. 

Environmental Working Group
Publishes the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce.

Farm to School Program
A national organization which connects schools (K-12) and farms. Their objective is to serve healthy meals in school cafeterias, improve student nutrition, provide agriculture, health & nutrition education, and support local/regional farmers.

Farm Wise: (Elkhorn, WI)
On Farm Education for children.  Waldorf inspired learning.
Bente Goldstein

Food Democracy Now!
A grassroots community dedicated to building a sustainable food system. 

Guidelines for eating locally when you can and eating well when you can’t.

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (East Troy, WI) participates in research, farming systems research, policy and educational workshops.

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Navdanya International
promotes local and ecological food models with the goal of alleviating poverty and hunger and safeguarding natural resources.

Organic Seed Alliance
Supports ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed

REAP Food Group
(Madison, WI) REAP=Research, Education, Action, and Policy. Publishes the Farm Fresh Atlas, a guide to farms and food-related businesses in Southern WI that sell their goods directly to customers and are:

  • Family or cooperatively owned
  • Committed to reducing the application of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
  • Protecting land and water
  • Treating their animals with care and respect
  • Providing safe conditions for their employees

Slow Food is a national organization that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community.

Good Eats: Restaurants and markets offering TCG produce and other locally-produced foods

Amilinda (Milwaukee)

Belfre Kitchen (Delafield)

Braise (Milwaukee)

Engine Company #3 (Milwaukee)

Good Harvest Market (Pewaukee)

Juniper 61 (Wauwatosa)

LaMerenda (Milwaukee)

Outpost Natural Foods (Bay View)

River Valley Ranch and Kitchens (aka River Valley Mushrooms--Burlington)

Shorewood Farmer's Market

Underground Meats Catering (Madison)

Films on Food Issues: Watch the trailers


Dirt: The Movie

Food, Inc.


The Real Dirt on Farmer John

Queen of the Sun (honey bees)

Vanishing of the Bees

Good Reads:

Michael Pollan: Cooked, In Defense of Food, Food Rules, & The Omnivore's Dilemma

Barbara Kingsolver: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Joan Dye Gussow: This Organic Life

Will Allen: The Good Food Revolution

Novella Carpenter: Farm City

Katherine Gustafson: Change Comes to Dinner

Mark Winne: Food Rebels, Guerrilla Gardeners, and Smart Cookin’ Mamas

Raj Patel: Stuffed and Starved




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